Chicken eggs, duck eggs and goose eggs.

Raised on pasture, fed non-GMO grains

Our poultry are raised on pasture and guarded by our Great Pyrenees dogs. These are truly free-range birds, the chickens are on a 2 1/2 acre pasture and can come and go from their house when they want, they are never shut in since the dogs keep them safe! They are fed a non-GMO layer feed morning and evening, the rest of the day they eat grass, clover and bugs. They are free to roam, scratch, socialize, dust bathe, or hang out in the sun or shade of mature oak trees. The ducks have daily access to 5 acres of pasture and woodlands, but since they are not particular about where they lay their eggs, they are penned in roomy enclosures at night so we can find their eggs. The ducks also have guard dogs to keep them safe from predators.

Livestock guardians

Originally bred to roam with large herds of sheep in the Pyrenees mountains of France, these dogs are devoted to whatever livestock they are charged with guarding. Most of the time barking is enough to deter predators, but they will defend their livestock if necessary.

Multi-species grazing keeps pastures and animals healthy

Poultry are great for keeping pesky insects in check. Chickens scratch through cow pats to eat fly larvae and spread the manure. Ducks love to eat snails that can host harmful internal parasites of cattle. And all poultry fertilize the pastures as they roam!


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