Small cows raised on pasture

Irish Dexter/Jersey cross cows

Smaller cows are easier on our steep Ozark land and produce well with little or no supplemental feed. These breeds also have higher butterfat, gentle temperaments and are happy to browse woody plants as well as graze. Our herd began with a Jersey/Angus cow and an Irish Dexter Bull, the heifers were kept and were bred back to miniature Jersey bulls. They range from 750-950lbs and 40-47” tall.

Once a day milking

Our cows are milked once a day, this allows them to raise and wean their own calves. For the first few weeks the calves nurse one side of the udder while we milk the other. After they are 1-2 months old they are separated overnight and the cows are milked in the morning. The cows and calves are together the rest of the day until evening. The calves are put in a secure stall at night and the cows can come back into the barn to check on them when they want. All this early handling ensures the calves grow up being comfortable with humans, halters and handling so they are never stressed out by people.

Perfect sized homestead cattle for sale

Every year we have a few youngsters (heifers, bulls and steers) ready to go to their new home. Occasionally we’ll have an older, more experienced milk cow for sale, email for availability. All cattle will be TB tested, vaccinated and halter trained. Heifers or cows for sale as bred will be vet confirmed pregnant. We do not de-horn, some of our cattle are naturally hornless but most have horns.

Contact Us

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing raw milk. All milk must be picked up at the farm per Arkansas law.

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